We are a missionary family working in the Republic of Ireland, with the Operation Mobilization since 2003. Our goal is to evangelize and disciple people, helping them to become true followers of Jesus Christ.


To do this, we use the creativity acquired throughout our professional and ministerial experience . We have been involved for several years in marketing, sales and information technology, as well as practical experience in the theater and the arts.


We work with discipleship and mentoring of young professionals and adults, creative education for children, theater performances, street evangelism, training and leadership of international teams.


We are members of Morumbi Baptist Church in Sao Paulo, Brazil .


Im a Communication and Marketing professional and worked for 7 years as an event organizer in the secular world. I've been involved with various work teams and important professionals from the computer market, telecommunications and education. I learned a lot about dynamism , teamwork and leadership during my career.

Since my teenage years I been developing several artistic activities, many of them in amateur theaters, especially as an actor, but as well as a storyteller, children entertainer, clowning and puppeteer. 

I am currently the Programme Director of OM Ireland, which includes: children and youth ministry, school activities, street evangelism, performing arts and the Big Red Bus .


I was involved in the IT Commercial area for 11 years; living the day-to-day technology upgrades and changes. I learnt many things during this time, specially to deal with improvisation in an adverse economic condition, but also learnt to relate to different kinds of people, with different hopes and expectations. I could grow intellectually and improve my character.

I am currently the Mentoring Coordinator of OM Ireland. I am also involved with the Personnel Department, more specifically with the personal care of the Missionaries from our base.

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